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Italpollina: An Innovative and Sustainable Ag Solution Leader, Sponsors BAW Congress 2021

Italpollina is a global leader in producing organic fertilizers, beneficial microbials, enhanced nutritional products, and vegetal-based biostimulants for use in agriculture. Present in 80 countries, the company has 14 commercial offices, three research and development centers, and five manufacturing facilities located around the world. Quality, innovation, and respect for nature are the leading values of the company. Furthermore, an uncommon focus on research and technology is at the center of all they do.

With a long history in Ag-Bio-Science, Italpollina has shown a continued commitment to innovation and sustainability. For more than 50 years, they have utilized science to enhance agriculture and develop solutions in a more natural way. They have been recognized for their attention to human health and the protection of the environment with several important international certifications.