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5th BioAgTech World Congress

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA  |  April 22-26, 2024

BioAg Awards

BioAgTech World Congress (BAW Congress) is pleased to be hosting three different awards this year.

The BioAg Sustainable Grower Award is given to growers who have been practicing sustainable agriculture for a minimum of 2 years. ​


The BioAg Lifetime Achiever Award is a lifetime achievement award given to people nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions to BioAg in supporting sustainability. Once their exceptional work is reviewed, a winner will be selected and presented at the conference.

​The BioAg Innovator Award is a commercial innovation award where persons or organizations who have created inspiring innovations submit their work to a scientific committee for selecting top innovations. A representative from those top innovations will have a 10-minute presentation slot and the winner will be elected by the Congress delegates using a mobile app.

Follow the links below to learn more about the awards, how to apply, and the rules. Or feel free to reach out to Dhruv at for more information.

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