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BioAgTech Exceptional Business Leader Award 2025

Here's to exceptional business leadership!


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The BioAgTech Exceptional Business Leader Award honors proven, inspirational, persuasive and result-oriented individuals who exhibit visionary leadership, business savviness, entrepreneurial drive, integrity and steadfast dedication towards BioAgTech, sustainable agriculture, sustainability, sustainable farming, food safety and food security, and integrated crop solutions.

Recognizing and celebrating the awardee acknowledges their exceptional visionary qualities of creativity, initiative and perseverance in the realm of BioAgTech business. By uniting the most pioneering and courageous business leaders, the BioAg World Congress cultivates a community of kindred spirits that motivates and empowers others — including our future leaders!


CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Open until February 28, 2025


Do you know remarkable business leaders who are reshaping the landscape of BioAgTech through innovation, resilience and commitment to excellence? Don't wait — nominations are open until February 28, 2025. 

Nominees should meet the following four criteria:

  1. Proven entrepreneur, innovator and leader in the BioAgTech industry.

  2. Fundamentally advanced the BioAgTech industry with outstanding and lasting contributions.

  3. Promoted a positive perception of BioAgTech in balancing food safety and food security.

  4. Inspired and accelerated adoption of BioAgTech inputs as part of integrated crop solutions.


Send in your nominations using this form:


The recipient will be invited to the BAW Congress. They will be announced and celebrated in the evening on Thursday, April, 24, 2025. 


  • Sponsor's Endowment (discretionary by the sponsor)

  • Certificate and Trophy

  • Complementary registration for BAW Congress 2026

  • The recipient will be featured in an interview with Global BioAg Linkages (GBL) publications and social media

For any questions, please contact Dhruv Lavania at


This year, we celebrated the remarkable accomplishments of Luca Bonini, the CEO of Hello Nature, as we embraced the ethos of accomplishment and courageous business stewardship. 

2024 BioAgTech Exceptional Business Leader Award Winner

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