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BioAg Industry Aspired and Global BioAg Linkages (GBAL) Responded: To Launch BioAgWorld Digest

Agricultural biologicals are now the fastest-growing segments of the agricultural input market. During last years industry demonstrated impressive development both on national and global levels. But still, the industry has a very fragmented informational support, represented by bio ag news parts of main inputs sites, expensive industry studies and adverts bulletins.

BioAg Industry needs a Flagship Independent Magazine

Global biologicals industry needs a professional source of transparent and actual market information from the demand and supply sides of the business. So GBAL decided to make BAW Digest – a digital magazine for global bio ag industry professionals. This magazine will not be a news aggregator which is gathering headlines, also it will not be an industry adverts catalog.

We plan to produce high-quality periodicals to become the most reliable source of industry updates and news, to provide thoroughly checked and validated market information, with best industry experts view and market analysis. Magazine to become the informational tool to show the global picture of the industry and understand regions\countries trends and updates. We are sure that increasing standards of the industry market information will lead to positive benefits for the bioag industry.

“With BAW Digest, we want to save your time by choosing the best info of the industry, processing it, and making"the extract" from the ocean of industry information. Also, our team of experts to add more value using our global experience and market knowledge through their opinions and editorials."

Roger Tripathi, co-founder of BAW Digest, GBAL CEO

BAW digest is published online/pdf, 6 times per year, 30+pages of market info where exclusive content takes minimum 50% and advertisements maximum 15%.

BAW Digest #1 release date is September 20, 2021

Why GBAL ?

GBAL’s locally global network is most unique family of local source of news, information and knowledge. Our network and the team has everything to become a supplier of the best quality industry information and the producer of the key industry media. Additionally, we are also directly connected to news makers and managers.

Global Network: We are the only global network of highly accomplished, local specialists. Our globally local expert team is keen in business matchmaking and operation acceleration by linking bio-agriculture companies to ensure success in their globalization efforts.

Expertise: We are a team of experienced international experts, our collaboration creates a unique synergy of industry expertise and global-to-local vision.

Multiple Level: We provide the expertise of eight different services for biological industry, we understand the industry needs on multiple levels and know its informational needs.

Unique Experience: With the collective business experience of more than 760 years, our founding partners previously held roles within multinational companies and decided to join forces to help BioAg companies reach their goals. Our Partners and Business Directors are the experts on local, regional or global levels in such areas as: Bioagriculture, Agricultural innovations, Sustainable agriculture, BioAg regulations, Product licensing, Biopesticides, Seed / seed tech, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers, IPM and ICM, etc.

For any questions about BAW Digest sponsorship and advertising opportunities please contact:

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