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Breaking News: Most Awaited Third BioAg World Congress to be held in Valencia, Spain

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The 3rd BioAg World Congress will be held in Valencia, Spain in 2022 from April 26 thru 29. While the entire agriculture industry comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are optimistic and excited to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities. In this same spirit, our team and mentors believe that Valencia makes an ideal location to exemplify this. “After the stupendous success of BAW 2021, we received several city and country nomination to host BAW 2022,” says Roger Tripathi, Chairman, CEO and Founder of BioAg Linkages and BioAg Innovations. “After all the considerations and synergies, the winner was Valencia. GBAL, BAW mentors and entire BioAg industry is super excited to announce that we will celebrate Europe, a BioAg regional hub, Spain a global BioAg Country Hub, and the Valencia region.” BLOCK YOUR CALENDARS TODAY, for this very unique program – not only by its knowledge sharing and progress landmarks, but also for its unique highlight of Spain and Europe with their BioAg leadership credentials.