As you know, the 2021 BioAg World Congress has firmly committed to having their most sought after event on March 15-17, 2021 in beautiful Sacramento, California.

In keeping with the safety precautions for those who could be vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus, we are implementing a dynamic, new event prospect by having our usual in-person, synergistic and informative conference and adding to that, a powerful, and even interactive virtual experience, ensuring that even if you cannot travel to the physical event, you may join on your device and never miss a thing!

From speakers and presentations, question and answer sessions, educational and informative content for the bio- agriculture community will be available as if it was a normal event.

Please join us, in either way, for our 2021 BioAg World Congress and let’s continue living our normal life!

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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. (NASDAQ: MBII) is a growth-oriented company leading the movement to a more sustainable world. It works towards the discovery, development and sale of innovative biological products for crop protection, plant health and waterway systems treatment that help customers operate more sustainably while increasing their return on investment. MBI is a leader in research and development and has screened over 18,000 microorganisms and 350 plant extracts. Leveraging on its in-depth knowledge of plant and soil microbiomes enhanced by advanced molecular technologies and natural product chemistry it has developed seven product lines. MBI has over 400 issued and pending patents to its credit.

MBI’s robust portfolio includes various products such as Regalia®, Stargus®, Grandevo®, Venerate®, Majestene®, Haven®, Pacesetter™, Zelto® Jet Oxide® Jet Ag®, and Zequanox®. It has a next-generation insecticide-nematicide as well as a breakthrough bioherbicide and a biofumigant in the product pipeline. MBI’s Pro Farm Finland-based subsidiary employs a proprietary technology derived from wood waste to stimulate plant growth and improve plant health, resulting in improved yields and crop quality.

MBI being a leader in innovative and sustainable agriculture products believes that future agriculture will be different from the present and requires paradigm shift in the inputs. MBI has come together with GBAL to make BAW a greater success. With MBI on board we are hopeful to come up with strong strategic blue print for the agri-input industry to fulfill the needs of future agriculture.

To learn more about Marrone Bio Innovations visit or (investor relations website) You may also follow MBI on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

To support or participate in BioAg World Congress 2021, please visit or write to

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  • Roger Tripathi

Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture, provided a perspective on California’s Agriculture in 2020 during her opening keynote speech at the 2020 Virtual Food & Ag Policy Summit West last September. Note that Secretary Ross is also the keynote speaker for BioAg World Congress, which will take place in a hybrid format (live and virtual) during March 14-17, 2021.

According to Secretary Ross, California’s $50 billion farmgate value has flattened due to the 2018-19 tariffs and now due to COVID- 19. Essential farm workforce is top of mind and the goal is to recover the farm economy with a more equitable, diverse, and resilient economy for farmworkers on the front lines of food production and processing.

When talking about Climate Change, she highlighted that California has been at the forefront for over a decade and they have invested almost $ 1 billion to transition Agriculture to a lower Carbon footprint. They have several “climate smart ag” initiatives led by the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) including healthy soils, dairy digestors, land conservation, water conservation, diesel replacements, and on-farm renewable energy. Partnerships with the USDA and with the University of California Ag and Natural Resources are essential for carrying out these activities which include demonstration projects for farmer peer to peer learning. Secretary Ross gave a a shout out to the Almond Sector with its aggressive goals for sustainability by 2025.

Some of the challenges going forward include the implementation of SGMA (Sustainable Ground Water Management Act) and safe drinking water (e.g. nitrate reduction), especially because the State went from a strong budget surplus in the beginning of the year to a more limited budget situation in view of COVID-19. These are two of the top priorities in California.

Another current need is access to highspeed broadband for all, not only for the education of our youth, telemedicine, but also in our farms for implementation of precision agriculture and other new technologies.

Secretary Ross sees California agriculture continuing to thrive with strong export markets, more innovation and high-tech practices and with an inclusive workforce.

To learn more on the thoughts and ideas of Karen Ross and many other industry leaders attend the BioAg World Congress in Sacramento, California from March 14-17, 2021. To know more and participate please visit:

BioAg World Congress is an event by the industry for the industry. It gives a platform to all the stakeholders to come together to discuss various issues, challenges and opportunities in sustainable agriculture sector. It aims to come up with a strategic way forward for the agriculture industry to keep pace with the changing scenario and needs.

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