Kai Hu

Kai Hu is our new Business Development Partner for Primary BioAg Innovations and Global BioAg Linkages in North West Region, China. Kai is a skilled professional with over 13 years’ experience in agribusiness and agri-input distribution. Kai is experienced in the sustainability and biosciences space and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

“My goal is to create new and big customers and provide best post-sale services,” he says, “while looking for differentiated positioning of products in the market.” Kai feels “innovative high quality PBI products and GBAL services can revolutionize the bio-agriculture in Asia”

Kai Hu has rich experience of working in BioAg segment including Acadian Seaplants Ltd from 2019 to 2021, where he responsible for channel development and precise product positioning in the northwest market, and quickly realized the rapid distribution of products. Prior to that he has worked with Shaanxi Xidahuate Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Sunger BioScience Co., Ltd. A highlight of this time was having achieving a growth of single Xinjiang market performance from 1.5 million to 6 million. Also, he takes proud in achieving a 90% rate within the company’s customer development and product sales across several markets creating one million-revenue customer and developing five new customers.

Kai is passionate about product marketing and enjoys the challenge of positioning products in new markets. He recalls “while working at Shaanxi Xidahuate we started from the farmers' association and succeeded in creating fine brake products and cultivating large customers with an increase of more than 500,000 CNY. Since taking over the Xinjiang market, we have built seven large customers with more than 500,000 CNY company products revenue and three large customers with more than one million sales revenue of company product.”

PBI and GBAL Founder CEO, Roger Tripathi remarked “I feel that Asia team has gained a lot of strength with Kai joining the team. I am confident that Kai will strongly position PBI products and GBAL services in Asia and China and I can see good amount of growth happening in bio-agriculture space soon in Asia and specifically China.”

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Agricultural biologicals are now the fastest-growing segments of the agricultural input market. During last years industry demonstrated impressive development both on national and global levels. But still, the industry has a very fragmented informational support, represented by bio ag news parts of main inputs sites, expensive industry studies and adverts bulletins.

BioAg Industry needs a Flagship Independent Magazine

Global biologicals industry needs a professional source of transparent and actual market information from the demand and supply sides of the business. So GBAL decided to make BAW Digest – a digital magazine for global bio ag industry professionals. This magazine will not be a news aggregator which is gathering headlines, also it will not be an industry adverts catalog.

We plan to produce high-quality periodicals to become the most reliable source of industry updates and news, to provide thoroughly checked and validated market information, with best industry experts view and market analysis. Magazine to become the informational tool to show the global picture of the industry and understand regions\countries trends and updates. We are sure that increasing standards of the industry market information will lead to positive benefits for the bioag industry.

“With BAW Digest, we want to save your time by choosing the best info of the industry, processing it, and making"the extract" from the ocean of industry information. Also, our team of experts to add more value using our global experience and market knowledge through their opinions and editorials."

Roger Tripathi, co-founder of BAW Digest, GBAL CEO

BAW digest is published online/pdf, 6 times per year, 30+pages of market info where exclusive content takes minimum 50% and advertisements maximum 15%.

BAW Digest #1 release date is September 20, 2021

Why GBAL ?

GBAL’s locally global network is most unique family of local source of news, information and knowledge. Our network and the team has everything to become a supplier of the best quality industry information and the producer of the key industry media. Additionally, we are also directly connected to news makers and managers.

Global Network: We are the only global network of highly accomplished, local specialists. Our globally local expert team is keen in business matchmaking and operation acceleration by linking bio-agriculture companies to ensure success in their globalization efforts.

Expertise: We are a team of experienced international experts, our collaboration creates a unique synergy of industry expertise and global-to-local vision.

Multiple Level: We provide the expertise of eight different services for biological industry, we understand the industry needs on multiple levels and know its informational needs.

Unique Experience: With the collective business experience of more than 760 years, our founding partners previously held roles within multinational companies and decided to join forces to help BioAg companies reach their goals. Our Partners and Business Directors are the experts on local, regional or global levels in such areas as: Bioagriculture, Agricultural innovations, Sustainable agriculture, BioAg regulations, Product licensing, Biopesticides, Seed / seed tech, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers, IPM and ICM, etc.

For any questions about BAW Digest sponsorship and advertising opportunities please contact:

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Updated: Aug 6

The 3rd BioAg World Congress will be held in Valencia, Spain in 2022 from April 26 thru 29. While the entire agriculture industry comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are optimistic and excited to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities. In this same spirit, our team and mentors believe that Valencia makes an ideal location to exemplify this. “After the stupendous success of BAW 2021, we received several city and country nomination to host BAW 2022,” says Roger Tripathi, Chairman, CEO and Founder of BioAg Linkages and BioAg Innovations. “After all the considerations and synergies, the winner was Valencia. GBAL, BAW mentors and entire BioAg industry is super excited to announce that we will celebrate Europe, a BioAg regional hub, Spain a global BioAg Country Hub, and the Valencia region.” BLOCK YOUR CALENDARS TODAY, for this very unique program – not only by its knowledge sharing and progress landmarks, but also for its unique highlight of Spain and Europe with their BioAg leadership credentials. Opportunities Despite challenges, Europe’s agriculture industry proved to be resilient in the face of a pandemic. An An executive summary from the EU Parliament highlighted some cases worth noting. Production and trade levels have remained stable all throughout 2020, as have food sectors according to the FAO’s Food Price Index. The summary also highlighted how the EU was able to remain highly effective at preserving the Single market’s integrity while providing aid to the agri-food sector and its workforce. This is especially important for the fertilizer industry which, though it was disrupted momentarily, continued to remain strong. “Fertilizers are closely connected to food security,” said Jacob Hansen, Director General, Fertilizers Europe. “Especially during growing season in the spring when fertilizers are primarily applied to the field. Farmers and horticulturists depend on the supply of fertilizers to grow their crops and thereby our food.” Challenges A unique industry, the BioAg space has some of its own unique challenges. A major one is the reliance on research and development to enhance the productivity of BioAg products. Developing this sector is important as time becomes increasingly important as regions like Europe fight to mitigate the impacts of climate change as quickly as possible. BioAg-products and Climate Smart Agriculture "As “climate smart” agriculture continues to be a topic of much discussion for both consumers and producers. BioAg-products can be an especially important part of making this vision a reality. According to a European Biostimulants Industry Council blog post, this is because of several reasons. This includes enhancing nutrient use efficiency in plants, making agriculture more resilient to climate shocks, enhancing soil health and enhancing resource efficiency", commented Pam Marrone Executive Chair and Partner Primary BioAg Innovation and Global BioAg Linkages BioAg products are also important as science becomes more aware of the relevance and awareness of the plant microbiome. For example, 2021 research from South Korea found that algae – a common ingredient in many BioAg Products – has more beneficial effects on plants and soil within the microbiome than originally thought. Similarly, research from China last August reinforced the importance of a healthy plant biome and the plant-microbial interaction. Part of the Green Deal Strategy Europe is no stranger to finding alternative ways that are not only efficient and resourceful, but also working to reduce overall environmental impact. The ambitious European Green Deal plans to make the continent the first in the world to be climate-neutral by 2050.. The BioAg industry can play a notable role in this, especially with the Farm to Fork Strategy that works to build a more sustainable food system using new opportunities. Biofertilizers, for example, are a very important part of this solution in part due to their smaller carbon footprint made in their development with natural products. European farmers have shown they are committed to making this vision of reality, and with the growth of the BioAg industry, we are able to equip them with the tools they need to do the job. Agriculture Digitalization Part of making a more sustainable world includes digitalization. Spain has been especially proactive in this regard. It is home to several Spanish innovators and digital agtech startups. Notably, Datagri 2021 will be held in Lleida with the goal of discussing the digital trends happening in agriculture and how they can accelerate the innovative and technological processes moving forward. Spain’s Challenges as Produce Supplier While the country is foreword thinking, Spain still faces challenges down the road. According to ABC, Spain exports 60% of its fruits and vegetables. One of the issues they face is that their position as export leaders will not be sustainable based on current prices. They require more ways to add value to their produce that will still result in food that is sustainably grown and distributed. These topics and others we hope to discuss as we meet with professionals and companies throughout the BioAg sector in Valencia, April 26 thru 29, 2022.

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