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BioAg Industry Insights from Luca Bonini, CEO Hello-Nature

Photo of Luca Bonini, CEO, Hello Nature
Luca Bonini, CEO, Hello-Nature

Luca Bonini, the CEO of Hello-Nature (Italpolina) is a very recognized leader in the BioAg Industry. His perspective on innovation comes from an uncommon commitment to research and the resulting new technologies for sustainable agriculture. He is associated with various national and international organizations working towards sustainability in the agriculture sector. We bring you Luca’s thoughts and ideas for the BioAg Industry in this interview. We are sure you’ll not be able to stop midway.

Q1. Agriculture in the 21st century is witnessing numerous innovations and strategic changes. What are your thoughts on the shift towards BioAgriculture and the use of BioAg inputs (specifically Bio-stimulants) and moving away from conventional chemical-based agriculture?

I think that we are at a great turning point, because for the first time in agricultural history, the change comes from the bottom of the agro-food chain, from a need of the final consumers. The reason for this need is a shift in the common consciousness: we are aware that our well-being comes from what we eat, and also that we need to protect our planet because there is no planet B! Agriculture having the most impactful activity on the eco-system, it’s logically forced to turn itself towards biosolutions such as biostimulants and other bio-ag inputs in order to assure a more sustainable future for our planet: the use of less chemical inputs, less herbicides and pesticides is essential and is the only way to reduce the negative footprint on the environment.