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Interaction with Benoit Hartmann, Bayer on BioAg Industry: Understanding it Better

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

BioAg Indsutry is booming with opportunities, at the same time portrays unique challenges. These prospects and hurdles make it an interesting and most sought-after field by innovators and investors. We are all geared up to meet with all the stakeholders in 3 days BioAg World Congress 2021 (March 15-17) and discuss scope, opportunities, issues and concerns of BioAg Industry. To give best value to our participants and readers, we went ahead and interacted with a very well known personality of BioAg Industry, Benoit Hartmann, to better understand this industry. Here is what he told us:

Q1. Bayer is a pioneer in Crop Protection. How do you see the role of Bio-pesticides in the agriculture industry given increasing population and environmental concerns, in view of food safety and security (food chain)?

For biologicals overall, we know that consumers are increasingly interested in how their food is grown and want to know that farming practices are environmentally sustainable. It is even broader than food safety and security, Biological products already play a role in helping farmers reduce their CO2 emissions and, using seed treatments as an example, can help their crops use fertilizer more efficiently. On farms across the world, these biological tools are complementing conventional synthetic products so farmers can have more bountiful harvests and do so in an environmentally sustainable way.