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India: A strong leader in Agriculture

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

GeoLife is an agri-input company from India growing at a fast pace and expanding globally. India has observed significant growth in agricultural production and has come up as the largest producer and exporter of various commodities. It has various advantages when it comes to agriculture, different climatic zones, abundant fertile land, and others. In our interaction with the CEO of GeoLife, we touched upon different aspects of Indian Agriculture and their learning in the journey of becoming food surplus from food scarce.

Q1. Geolife is a fast-growing global agri-input company from India. It is aggressively working towards spreading its wings in foreign lands. What opportunities do you see outside India and which are the prime locations?

A – This is very true, that Global Agri Communities are positively eyeing towards Sustainable Agri Solutions that too primarily for various Abiotic Stresses and Physiological challenges. We at Geolife have the expertise to understand the pulse and prepare the scientific solutions for these. As the global movement towards Healthy Food, through Healthy Nutrition to Soil and Crop increases, we will be happily spearheading our wings across.

Prime locations are:-

1. Latin America

2. South East Asia

3. Oceanian countries

4. Parts of Europe

5. Middle East

Q2. India has been a breeding ground for so many agricultural innovations and inventions. With vast agro diversity, it has the potential to be a food supplier for the world. How can this potential be harnessed?

A- True, India believes Agriculture is not only a profession rather it is a religion too. The ground for scientific looks is very fertile in India. It has the capacity to feed the world for which we need to aim for Optimum Yield Per Field; with new innovations in Agri inputs and thoughtful adoptions, we can achieve this. Scientific Products which will not only increase the yield but also enrich the soil for the next cropping season are of great value to harness the further potential and harvest the best. Organic Agriculture is a section where our nation can lead the world. India’s agroecology supports this.

Indian Hon’ble Prime Minister professes about farming with nature as Indian Agri Diversity demands it; India has proven history for BioAgriculture, which now need to be defined in the frame of Global need.

Q3. African agriculture is in its developing phase. What learnings of agriculture in general and specifically BioAgriculture from Indian Agriculture could be transmitted to Africa?

A - -Africa is still a developing country and mostly importers of chemical and commodity products with very strict regulations for Biopesticides and Biofertilizers. If there is a relaxation in regulations and payment security then there is the scope of the Bio agriculture market to be transmitted to Africa. The key learnings from Indian Agriculture might be how to re-explore our natural resources and in-house trajectory for the benefit of the farming community and self-branding.

Q4. Developing countries like India have low-cost labor in abundance. How can these countries take a lead in contributing to food security sustainably?

A - Labor is one of the most important components out of four factors of agriculture production (Land, labor, capital, and knowledge). As a country moves from underdeveloped, to developing and to a developed country, labor starts moving from the agriculture sector as opportunities increases in high productivity sectors, That’s also happening in India. Labor cost in India was comparatively low, which has increased significantly during the last decade.

India certainly has full proof potential to lead for sustainable food security by virtue of fast technology adoptions, abundant availability of natural resources, diverse agro-climatologies, etc.

Q5. What possibilities of partnerships and joint ventures would you like to explore in BioAg World Congress?

A – BioAg World Congress provides a wider platform to explore, understand and associate with like-minded business houses. Geolife as a group of innovative techno-know-hows in Plant Nutrition and BioAg would look for associations in overseas markets.

GeoLife is a supporter and sponsor of BioAg World Congress 2021, an event for the industry by the industry. It is a rare opportunity to learn about the opportunities and challenges to BioAg Industry and network with BioAg Industry leaders. Come join us!

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