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BioAg World Congress is pleased to be hosting three different contests this year.

From last year we have our Marketing Contest, newly dubbed BioAgro-Disruptor where private companies who have created truly inspiring innovations submit their work to a committee shortlisting 3 top innovations. A representative from those 3 top innovations will have a 15 mn speaking slot to present in front of the delegates, who will elect the winner via a mobile app. 

We also have our Lifetime achievement award or Bio-Agro-Achiever. This award is given to people who are nominated by their peers. Once their exceptional work is reviewed, a winner will be selected and presented at the conference.

Last we have our new Student Science Poster Contest, BioAgro-Vator. We are so excited to be including this contest this year to help open the door to the next generation of ideas and provide a platform between career bio-agriculturists and students.

Follow the links below to learn more about the contests, how to submit and the rules. Or feel free to reach out to katiestolpe@bioaglinkages.com for more information.

Deadlines are February 29th. Don't miss out!

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