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Nicolás Cock Duque

With more than 25 years of experience in the co-creation of disruptive bio-based products, companies, organizations and transformative movements, Nicolás has progressively devoted his professional career to the systemic transformation of agrifood systems. Sustainability, regeneration, biodiversity, and shared prosperity creation are his personal mantras and integrative purpose.


Nicolás is currently the President of BioProtection Global, the unified voice and global federation of bio-based products manufacturers for crop and plant protection. This federation brings together close to 800 companies from 56 countries around the world through 9 member associations (i.e. representing 60% – 70% of the global bioprotection industry).


A citizen of Colombia, Nicolás is the co-founder of Ecoflora, a global pioneer in the development of plant extract-based crop protection biosolutions. After Gowan Company acquired Ecoflora Agro in January 2019, Nicolás became Gowan’s External Affairs Manager for its biorational products division, now Ecoflora.


Nicolás is the Chair of ASOBIOCOL (Colombian Association of Biological Products Manufacturers) and is also a Food and Land Use (FOLU) Coalition ambassador, Chair of the B-Corps movement in Colombia, and a Trustee for The Nature Conservancy.


This year Nicolás will be speaking on the topic of Biopesticides Regulation and chairing Session 3, Regulatory Streamlining & Harmonization in BioAg – Need Globally Local. He will also be one of the judges for the Student Science Poster Contest BioAgro-Vator.

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