Suleyman Altintas NPP Business Head-South EUAgriculture engineer by training, and finance & HR education by MBA, with professional experience for more than 20 years in crop protection,crop nutrition, soil health and crop production sectors in conventional & organic and sustainable solutions segments.Engaging during the last 10 years with sustainable agriculture & innovative crop management approaches, via the introduction of new crop protection and plant & soil health technologies, sustainable agri product families, and combined & complementary crop management solutions.Also working to establish strategic alliance collaborations with start up companies for technology scouting and bringing the viable technologies to the commercial scale, academic & institutional collaborations, to support the early stage innovations, and food chain –farmer and consumer associations to address the sector pain points to be overcomed with innovative and sustainable solutions.Since 2018 working for UPL-NPP at different departments and recently as the head of NPP SEU business unit to bring all these sustainable & innovative solutions to the market to create a more sustainable world for today & tomorrow.