Kan biosys

Sandeepa Kanitkar

Chairperson/Managing Director at Kan biosys

Sandeepa Kanitkar is the founder of Kan biosys and currently serves as the company Chairperson and Managing Director. She is also Director of Agreeta Solutions, Ltd. She is a former member of the DBT task force on biofertilizers and as well as the task force on secondary agriculture – Planning Commission.

Sandeepa has 26 years of experience in the agri-biotech sector. In 1993, she promoted Krishi Mitra Bioproducts. The company was financed under SPREAD program funded by ICICI-US aid.

In May 2005, she promoted Kan biosys to foray into microbial inputs. The company has 16 state-of-the art microbial products developed using in-house technology. All products are marketed in India and exported to more than five countries routinely. Kan biosys has a fully functional R&D department with DSIR recognition. It has launched a unique “SMART Bioplatform” for bringing innovative solutions to farmers. Kan biosys has strategic association with premier institutes for technology up-gradation, testing and assessment (NCL, ARI, NRC, IARI, and 25 Agricultural Universities in India and abroad).

In 2014, she promoted Agreeta for digitizing agriculture, work on traceability, markets and block-chain.

Sandeepa has received numerous awards, including the Kakasaheb Supnekar Best Women Enterpreneur Award in 2012, the Ramabai Joshi Award from the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce in 2007, the WIPO Gold Medal in 2001, the first Technology Day Award for outstanding invention in 1999, and the Leelavati Mehendale Award for Best Women Entrepreneur in 1996.

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