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AGENDA 2023 


The BioAg World Congress core theme relates to four main BioAg segments – biopesticides, biostimulants, biofertilizers, and bionutritionals – split into 8 focused sessions. The sessions will take an in-depth look at industry developments, roles of the food chain to influence biosolution adoption, soil health and water management, challenges and opportunities on regulation, go-to market, science-backed innovations, investment in Bioag, and insight into growth areas such as Precision AgTech.

Challenges and Need of BioAg Connecting-the-Dots with Food Chain, Sustainability, Food Safety and Food Security, Reduction of Carbon Footprint and Carbon Credits.



Regulatory Streamlining & Harmonization in BioAg.

Biostimulant Innovations in Relation to Nutrient Use Efficiency, Abiotic Stress Management.


Biopesticides in Relation to Comparable and Optimal Level of Efficacy as Sustainable Alternative for Chemicals.



BioAg Solutions Commercialization and Adaptability Challenges in IPM & ICM, plus Role of Farmers and Agronomists.



Role of Women in agriculture and institutions, in sustainable agriculture.


Soil and Seed Health, Water Efficiency Management and Regenerative Ag.


Precision Ag, Nano Technology, Digital & Data Platform, Application Technology.


Investors Outlook, Trends and guidance statement.



Leadership Challenges with BioAg Companies, including CEO Roundtable.

Full Agenda Coming Soon

*Please note that the agenda is subject to change.