AGENDA 2022 


2022 Agenda Overview


The BioAg World Congress core theme relates to four main BioAg segments – biopesticides, biostimulants, biofertilizers, and bionutritionals – split into 8 focused sessions. The sessions will take an in-depth look at industry developments, roles of the food chain to influence biosolution adoption, soil health and water management, challenges and opportunities on regulation, go-to market, science-backed innovations, investment in Bioag, and insight into growth areas such as precision AgTech.

Sessions: 2022

  • Biostimulant and Biopesticides: Innovations and New Horizons

  • Soil Health Revolution with BioAg and Water Management: A Need, Not a Choice

  • Investors Outlook: Trends and Point of View in BioAg Industry

  • Regenerative Agriculture: Role in Soil Health and Balancing Act Role in Sustainable Agriculture


  • Plant Microbiome in Relation to BioAg Products and Increasing Understanding as a Necessary Tool

  • Regulatory Streamlining & Harmonization in BioAg: Need Globally Local

  • BioAg Solutions Commercialization & Adaptability Challenges: including Precision Ag/BioAg in IPM and ICM

  • Future of BioAg-Connecting the Dots with Food Chain, Farmers to Consumers, Food Safety and Security and Wrap-Up


The agenda topics will be formed through industry research and validated by an industry-governed advisory board. Companies who contributed to the previous congress agenda research include: Bayer CropScience, Agrinos, UPL, Valagro, Hello Nature, Marrone BioInnovations, Primary BioAg Innovations and many more."

*Please note that the agenda is subject to change.