Rodolfo Canet (Alicante, 1966) has a PhD in Biology by the University of Valencia andspecializes on the role and management of organic matter in agriculture. His career started withworks on composting of MSW and the potential contamination of produce andsoils by heavymetals. After two years of postdoctoral research in England (Wye College, University of London/Imperial College) working on the potential of composting to decontaminate soils and sludges,he returned to Spain to continue his work on composting and the effects of organic productsin soil properties, with increasing focus on the biological and biochemical properties, togetherwith fertility management in organic farming. The important role of carbon sequestration byagricultural soils in the fight against climate change has led him to work intensely on this topic,having been responsible of the agricultural section of the Valencian Strategy against ClimateChange 2013-2020 and member of the Expert Comitee on Climate Change of the GeneralitatValenciana. Although he has lead several national and Europeanprojects, his research activity has been thoroughly focused on helping the private sector andthe government, being responsible of more than 30 R&D contracts. On 1st october 2020 he was appointed Directorof the ValencianInstitute of Agricultural Research(IVIA) after beingcoordinator of itsCenter for the Development of Sustainable Agriculture of (CDAS-IVIA) for five years.