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Congratulations to Valagro!

Valagro joins Syngenta Crop Protection, while maintaining its brand and distinct business name, with the transfer of 100% of its ownership and assets to Syngenta Crop Protection, further worldwide growth and more successful opportunities open up for the Valagro Group.

Find out more at Valagro Joins Syngenta.


This is a great day for Syngenta and Valagro, but also the BioAg Industry in general. Syngenta acquired a gem in Valagro, and made the right choice by keeping the Valagro team, brand and identity. Giuseppe Natale’s leadership will be the key in making this a successful marriage.

We are proud that Giuseppe Natale, CEO-Valagro, is our mentor for BAW Congress, as well as Valagro is our innovation (Top Tier) Sponsor.