Pius Floris is the director of Plant Health Cure (PHC), With more than 40 years of combined practical and scientific experience in soil and plant health. A broad knowledge has arisen about all possible crops. Pius is an outspoken and bespoke expert in plant and soil health. Where most agronomists advise what can be done against plant diseases, Pius is advising on how to make and keep plants healthy and resilient to avoid diseases and infestations. This way of advising provides better food and feed. PiusAdvises governments and growers across a large part of the world. His work spreads over four continents. From banana cultivation in Peru, Ecuador, and Mozambique to nutritious grass cultivation for livestock in Iceland and arable farmers and dairy farmersin Europe and Africa. In addition, Pius gives many lectures to crop advisors and growers to convince them of the necessary adjustments in agricultural practice. His company Plant Health Cure (now part of the Den Ouden Group in the Netherlands), only offers products that increase the overall health of soil and plants.