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CEO, Bioconsortia, USA

BioConsortia is an R&D company with unique platform utilizing plant breeding, genomics and microbiome techniques to identify microbial products with superior efficacy and consistency, delivering higher crop yields – biopesticides, biostimulants & nitrogen fixing microbes.

Marcus is an experienced and successful executive in the specialty chemicals and biologics space, with a passion for the environment, farming, and innovation in sustainable agriculture.

Prior to BioConsortia, Marcus was Head of Biologics for Bayer CropScience. He assumed the leadership role following Bayer's acquisition of AgraQuest, where Marcus was the CEO. Marcus and his team transformed the agricultural startup, AgraQuest, from financial distress to the technology leader in the biological market, closing the sale at $425 million.

Previously, Marcus had a 14 year career at Chemtura Corporation, ultimately becoming EVP for a $2billion portfolio of businesses: crop protection, consumer products and plastics additives. Earlier in his career he worked for Sumitomo Corporation.

Marcus is also on the Board of Directors of Crop-Enhancement Inc, a venture backed start up producing a highly effective biophysical insecticide, and on the Board of Botanical Solutions, a start up with ag and pharma solutions from plant tissue culture. He is also owner and wine-maker at the award-winning Great Bear Vineyards in Davis, California. Marcus holds a degree in Biological Sciences, Genetics from the University of Birmingham, UK.