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Global Corporate Affairs Director


Marco Rosso holds the position of Global Corporate Affairs Director at Valagro SpA.


Thanks to a long professional path in the agriculture sector, Marco gained an international experience that combines a deep scientific and regulatory know-how with the expertise in the field of communication in agriculture. He has a degree in Agriculture, to address the Technical –Economic with a thesis in Agricultural, a post-graduate qualification as a Doctor of Agronomy and he is registered to the Association of Doctors of Agronomy and Doctors of Forestry.


Prior to joining Valagro, since January 1998 he served as Technical Manager in Agrofarma (Italian Crop Protection Association), Federchimica (Italian Chemical Federation) and in the Secretariat of the Regulatory Committee.

Then in 2006, he was appointed Director of Agrofarma - Federchimica and he became a member of the ExCo in ECPA (European Crop Protection Association).

Since 2007, he served as Director of Assofertilizzanti (Italian Fertilizer Association) - Federchimica and, during this period, he served also as Member of Organic Farming WG Italian Ministry of Agriculture and representative in CODEX Alimentarius.

In 2013, Marco joined the Valagro Group in the role of Global Corporate Affairs Director.


“The BAW will allow me to deal with the topic of the PBS regulations around the world. Nowadays, having a clear and defined regulatory pathway is a guarantee benefitting both the market, which is strengthened by the credibility of the products that are commercialized as Plant Biostimulants, and consumers who will have access to healthier, quality and more sustainable food. In this regard, the European Fertilising Products Regulation 2019/1009 published in July 2019 is a turning point in the Plant biostimulants sector. In the United States, India and Brazil there are advanced legislative proposals on how to regulate the plant biostimulants products. Having and then implementing common standards at a global level – not only in Europe – is a crucial goal to be achieved for the future of sustainable agriculture at a worldwide level.”