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Executive Director, IBMA

Jennifer Lewis is IBMA Executive Director since June 2019. Jennifer is passionate about IPM, reducing the reliance on traditional pesticides through the uptake of these integrated programmes of pest and disease control in crop production throughout Europe.


Prior to IBMA, Jennifer Lewis was Head of Innovation and Development for IBMA Member Certis Europe and part of their Management Board. Certis Europe is a company involved since many years in biocontrol with a large portfolio including products from all biocontrol four groups Microbials, Macroorganisms, Natural Substances and Semiochemicals. Jennifer was responsible for the development and previously the registration of Certis’ portfolio in Europe as well as already involved in IBMA as Vice Chairman of the UK branch of our association.


Furthermore, Jennifer has worked on building the Certis Europe range of biocontrol products, integrating them into IPM systems. She has advocated for the practicalities of reducing reliance on pesticides, while retaining agricultural yields.


Between 2005 and 2009 Jennifer was former IBMA Member BCP General Manager, a beneficial insect production company selling beneficial insects for pest control throughout Europe. Jennifer has worked in crop protection since she graduated, including testing the environmental effects of pesticides in Brazil, the US and Australia and latterly in various marketing, regulatory and stewardship roles in the US and Europe.


This broad background allows her bringing to the role the blend of experience, knowledge of the business and the technical elements as well as a shared passion for our industry.