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Kimitec is an award-winning biotechnology company with the largest European microbiology and biopesticide innovation center in the agricultural space. The MAAVi innovation center serves a powerful technology hub that brings real solutions to real problems in record time. Their mission is to become the farmer’s alternative to synthetic chemistry through the delivery of superior and consistently effective solutions in the areas of action-specific biostimulants, soil probiotics, and biopestides. As Senior Vice President, Francisco is leading the expansion of Kimitec’s global strategic alliances with other established companies and large growers across the world, including North America.


Prior to Kimitec, Francisco was Managing Director of Sales and Marketing for Cytozyme, a global nutrition and biostimulant company. Previously, Francisco had a 10-year career at MGK, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical, leading their international business through progressive sales and business development roles.


Senior Vice President, Kimitec, USA