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BioAgro Grower Award

BIO AGRICULTURE: a term that is often used for organic farming, however is better described as integrated crop management. Bio-Agriculture means an agricultural method to produce food using natural substances and processes. The aim is to grow plants and raise animals with biological solutions while having a limited impact on the environment. This covers the use of bio-fertilizers, biological pest control and a high standard of animal welfare. This integrated farming system including biological and natural products strives to provide new options to growers to sustainably increase their efficiency and profitability.

Farmer Business Network (FBN) who has demonstrated farmer centric business model has chosen to sponsor this award for leading Sustainability Practicing Grower Award at BAW Congress in Valencia.

PURPOSE: With innovations and trends in the BioAg Industry, BioAg World Congress and GBAL assume a matchmaker function for the global BioAg industry. In an effort to further this function we have started the BioAgro Young Sustainability Grower Award. This award is designed to recognize and reward young dynamic growers who have demonstrated proven interest bring out a greater interest in the farming community to nurture better understanding of farming activities, and to develop gratitude among people for their contributions to support food security and food safety in a sustainable manner.

Send in your submissions for this global Grower Award for farmers who have a proven record in supporting food safety and food security.

Submit the following:

We will need an abstract that covers these details:

   Name of the nominee
   Years practicing bio agriculture
   Journey of switching to Bio Agriculture
   Brief Overview of Bio Agriculture practices
   Impact on on-farm agricultural sustainability
   Benefits to community
   Any additional comments

Please be as concise as possible in each of these descriptions. 

The deadline is February 28, 2022


To submit your application, or for any questions, please contact Sucheta at


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