Carl Casale is a purpose-driven executive and respected thought leader in the ag and food industries. His three decades of experience leading globally influential companies across these sectors provide unparalleled insight into the converging forces that will soon fundamentally transform global agricultural systems. Casale’s proven expertise aligning companies with outcomes and his keen understanding of market dynamics and trends enable him to innovate, execute and create opportunity for organizations. He currently serves as the Senior Agricultural Partner at Ospraie Management, LLC and is focused on identifying and investing in the next generation of agricultural production technologies.

In Casale’s seven years as the CEO and President of CHS Inc., the company returned $3 billion to its owners, invested $9 billion in new capital expenditures and nearly doubled the size of its balance sheet from $8.7 billion in 2010 to $17.3 billion at the end of fiscal 2016. Casale focused on prudent fiscal management and enhancing management systems at the company.

At Monsanto Company, Casale rose through the ranks from sales representative to running the company’s largest division at age 36. As Executive Vice President of Strategy and Operations, he conceptualized the industry’s first eight-gene agricultural biotech product, “SmartStax,” which became the nation’s number one insect protection trait in corn. As CFO, he reduced several hundred million dollars in operating costs by shifting the reliance on revenue to the strategic use of cash to generate earnings.

From Congress to key industry events, Casale is a frequent and sought-after commentator on the future of farming and global ag infrastructure. He remains deeply committed to “creating business models that ensure relevance over time” and continues to shape the ag, food and energy industries in both private and public roles. Carl and his wife, Kim, operate a 300-acre specialty crop farm in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and his family resides in the Twin Cities.