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Thank you, everyone, for making the BioAg World Congress truly "The Event By the Industry, For the Industry” – the Most Sought-after Global Event in Sustainable Agriculture linked to Bio-Product Innovations.

We are delighted to announce that we are calling for papers for current innovations or the most burning topics to be able contribute to the theme of the event. These main topics in our agenda for various sessions are listed below, "Please note that all selected papers will also be selected automatically for BioAgro Innovators Awards.”

Ground Rules:

• Out of all the submissions received, if short-listed by the selection committee, you will get the opportunity to present in the relevant session

• You may send your entry for more than one session, but should be relevant to the session theme

• No sales pitch except USP of your innovations

• Innovation with real science and novelty (an innovation commercialized within the last 1 year or an innovation about to be commercialized in the next 1 year). Commercial ROI-related data will be a big plus for selection committee.

 The Selection Committee will have the final decision. However, if there is more than one exciting paper in contention which stands out, we may make an exception.

 Selection Committee will be announced soon.

 English will be the official language of the conference and all papers

 Submission should be in PDF format and no more than 3,500 words

Session Themes are as Follows:

  1. Challenges and Need of BioAg Connecting-the-Dots with Food Chain, Sustainability, Food Safety and Food Security, Reduction of Carbon Footprint and Carbon Credits.

  2. Regulatory Streamlining & Harmonization in BioAg.

  3. Biostimulant Innovations in Relation to Nutrient Use Efficiency, Abiotic Stress Management.

  4. Biopesticides in Relation to Comparable and Optimal Level of Efficacy as Sustainable Alternative for Chemicals.

  5. BioAg Solutions Commercialization and Adaptability Challenges in IPM & ICM, plus Role of Farmers and Agronomists.

  6. Role of Women in agriculture and institutions, in sustainable agriculture.

  7. Soil and Seed Health, Water Efficiency Management and Regenerative Ag.

  8. Precision Ag, Nano Technology, Digital & Data Platform, Application Technology.

  9. Investors Outlook, Trends and guidance statement.

  10. Leadership Challenges with BioAg Companies, including CEO Roundtable.



Incomplete submissions forms will not be accepted.

Download the Submission form below.


Deadline for Full Papers: December 15, 2022

Please submit the required information to Sucheta at:

You may also contact Sucheta with any questions you have.