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Valagro joins Syngenta Crop Protection, while maintaining its brand and distinct business name, with the transfer of 100% of its ownership and assets to Syngenta Crop Protection, further worldwide growth and more successful opportunities open up for the Valagro Group.

Find out more at Valagro Joins Syngenta.


This is a great day for Syngenta and Valagro, but also the BioAg Industry in general. Syngenta acquired a gem in Valagro, and made the right choice by keeping the Valagro team, brand and identity. Giuseppe Natale’s leadership will be the key in making this a successful marriage.

We are proud that Giuseppe Natale, CEO-Valagro, is our mentor for BAW Congress, as well as Valagro is our innovation (Top Tier) Sponsor.

Heartiest congratulations from BAW, GBAL and PBI teams.


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UPL is a global provider of sustainable agriculture products & solutions, with annual revenue exceeding $5 billion. As one of the top 5 agriculture solutions companies worldwide, its robust portfolio consists of biologicals and traditional crop protection solutions with more than 13,600 registrations. With a presence in more than 130 countries and more than 10,000 colleagues globally, UPL reaches to more than 90% of the world’s food basket.

UPL aims to transform agriculture through its OpenAgTM Purpose to create an agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all. In addition to providing seeds, crop protection, nutrition, plant stress and stimulation, post-harvest, and soil & water technologies, UPL also delivers integrated crop health solutions and advisory services that promote farmer education and engagement.

UPL strives to make every single food product more sustainable. It is constantly working to reduce its environmental footprint and has undertaken focused efforts to care for our environment. UPL is dedicated to supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is member of various initiatives like WBCSD, Responsible Care, Global Agribusiness alliance (GAA) etc. To promote environmental sustainability, UPL is working on different aspects such as Energy, Water, Waste management as well as new technologies to promote recycling.

Visit BAW 2021 in March and learn more about UPL’s integrated portfolio of across the food value chain.

GBAL and BAW sincerely appreciate UPL’s sustainability initiatives and support of the BioAg World Congress.


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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We all LOVE the Early Bird Deals! With the changes to the BioAg World Congress dates, we have plenty of time to take advantage of Early Bird pricing for attendance. The new dates of the Congress are March 15-17, 2021 and the end of the Early Bird discount is February 1, 2021.

The contest due dates are also changed. So, if you thought you missed your chance, you have a second one! The due dates are listed below.

BioAgro-Vator – February 1, 2021

BioAgro-Disuptor – February 1, 2021

BioAgro-Achiever – February 1, 2021

As you probably noticed all the dates are aligned with one another. We hope that these changes encourage anyone who was hesitant before to go full in and apply to take place in the competition.

Thank you so much for everyone’s continued support and encouragement. We look forward to your participation and attendance to #BAW2021! In the meantime, be smart, keep calm, and stay healthy. See you there.

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