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Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture, provided a perspective on California’s Agriculture in 2020 during her opening keynote speech at the 2020 Virtual Food & Ag Policy Summit West last September. Note that Secretary Ross is also the keynote speaker for BioAg World Congress, which will take place in a hybrid format (live and virtual) during March 14-17, 2021.

According to Secretary Ross, California’s $50 billion farmgate value has flattened due to the 2018-19 tariffs and now due to COVID- 19. Essential farm workforce is top of mind and the goal is to recover the farm economy with a more equitable, diverse, and resilient economy for farmworkers on the front lines of food production and processing.

When talking about Climate Change, she highlighted that California has been at the forefront for over a decade and they have invested almost $ 1 billion to transition Agriculture to a lower Carbon footprint. They have several “climate smart ag” initiatives led by the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) including healthy soils, dairy digestors, land conservation, water conservation, diesel replacements, and on-farm renewable energy. Partnerships with the USDA and with the University of California Ag and Natural Resources are essential for carrying out these activities which include demonstration projects for farmer peer to peer learning. Secretary Ross gave a a shout out to the Almond Sector with its aggressive goals for sustainability by 2025.

Some of the challenges going forward include the implementation of SGMA (Sustainable Ground Water Management Act) and safe drinking water (e.g. nitrate reduction), especially because the State went from a strong budget surplus in the beginning of the year to a more limited budget situation in view of COVID-19. These are two of the top priorities in California.

Another current need is access to highspeed broadband for all, not only for the education of our youth, telemedicine, but also in our farms for implementation of precision agriculture and other new technologies.

Secretary Ross sees California agriculture continuing to thrive with strong export markets, more innovation and high-tech practices and with an inclusive workforce.

To learn more on the thoughts and ideas of Karen Ross and many other industry leaders attend the BioAg World Congress in Sacramento, California from March 14-17, 2021. To know more and participate please visit:

BioAg World Congress is an event by the industry for the industry. It gives a platform to all the stakeholders to come together to discuss various issues, challenges and opportunities in sustainable agriculture sector. It aims to come up with a strategic way forward for the agriculture industry to keep pace with the changing scenario and needs.

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Valagro, a leading company in the research, development and commercialization of biostimulants and specialty nutrients for crops, on its 40th anniversary inaugurated its new Research Center at the virtual event “Creating the future. Since 1980. Valagro brings the same passion for nature that produces its solutions for the care and nurture of plants. It works towards bringing development and prosperity using fewer resources.

The new 3,600 square meters research facility will be utilized for the development of innovative solutions in the field of Biologicals including biostimulants, biofertilizers, and biocontrol products. Valagro Group has recently been incorporated into Syngenta Crop Protection. The two major milestones have made the group even stronger and more competent to revolutionize the sustainable agriculture.

Prem Warrior, COO of Valagro stated, “The new Research Center further strengthens Valagro's innovation efforts by providing a powerful impetus to GeaPower®, Valagro's proprietary technology platform for the design of innovative crop solutions. Furthermore, we expect that the Research Center will facilitate the creation of an innovation ecosystem with our external partners, enabling open innovation that has always characterised Valagro's research. This ambitious endeavour aligned with our belief in innovation has guided Valagro Group's entry into Syngenta Crop Protection; our mutual commitment to invest in research will help create the sustainable agriculture of the future."

Giuseppe Natale, CEO of Valagro:

“We are really proud to announce the opening of the new Valagro Research Center, and to do so on the occasion of a major milestone for our company, namely, that of our 40th anniversary. The Research Center will play a key role in enhancing innovation in Biologicals, improving thus the ability of Valagro and Syngenta to meet the needs of worldwide farmers to achieve higher yields and grow better quality crops, in a more sustainable way."

Valagro group is the main sponsor of the GBAL’s BioAg World Congress 2021 to be in held in Sacramento, California from 15-17 march, 2021. With Valagro backing BioAg World Congress 2021, the BAW team is even more excited and motivated to make event a grand success and come up with a strategic road map for BioAg Industry from the experience of leaders.

To support or participate in BioAg World Congress 2021, please visit

To read more about Valagro’s entry into Syngenta Crop protection and the new research center, please visit:

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Italpollina is a global leader in producing organic fertilizers, beneficial microbials, enhanced nutritional products, and vegetal-based biostimulants for use in agriculture. Present in 80 countries, the company has 14 commercial offices, three research and development centers, and five manufacturing facilities located around the world. Quality, innovation, and respect for nature are the leading values of the company. Furthermore, an uncommon focus on research and technology is at the center of all they do.

With a long history in Ag-Bio-Science, Italpollina has shown a continued commitment to innovation and sustainability. For more than 50 years, they have utilized science to enhance agriculture and develop solutions in a more natural way. They have been recognized for their attention to human health and the protection of the environment with several important international certifications.

Considered a leader in the sector, Italpollina is one of the world's largest producers of 100% vegetal-based biostimulants for use in agriculture. Italpollina was the recipient of AgriBusiness Global's inaugural "Industry Impact Award," and its leadership extends beyond the company to positively impact the industry as a whole. In 2019, Italpollina launched the global initiative which serves as an information source to a wide variety of constituents, including farmers and growers, technical and purchasing managers, journalists, students, and the scientific public. The initiative is guided by leading professors and well-published researchers, and it provides users extraordinary interaction with the scientific community in a way that has never before been available.

According to Luca Bonini, CEO of Italpollina, "biostimulants are a sustainable and cost-effective answer to meeting the food production needs of the world's population. As a leader in biostimulants, we want to help advance the industry as a whole. By providing access to industry-leading researchers and cutting-edge science via, we can do that."

Italpollina is pleased to support BAW 2021 and looks forward to meeting in March.

The BioAg World Congress will be held March 15-17, 2021 in beautiful Sacramento, California. To join us, please visit:

GBAL and BAW sincerely appreciate Italpollina’s sustainability initiatives and support of the BioAg World Congress.

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