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Professor and Vice President

International Programs

Dalhousie University Nova Scotia

Dr. Balakrishnan Prithiviraj is the Assistant Dean International and Associate Professor on the Faculty of Agriculture, Dalhousie University. He was trained at Banaras Hindu University, McGill University and Colorado State University.

Dr. Prithiviraj has been working on plant biostimulants and plant-microbe interactions for over 18 years and has published over 120 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Prithiviraj worked closely with Agri-Biotech industries to develop technologies to improve crop productivity. His research has resulted in a number of patents that are commercialized with products in the marketplace.

Currently his research is focused on discovery of plant biostimulants and understanding the mode of action of biostimulants. Additionally, Dr. Prithiviraj works on the health benefits of dietary supplements using animal model systems. He spun out a company, Oceland Biologicals Limited, which is developing microbial solution for agriculture and the environment.