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Alan L. Boyce is a co-founder and CEO of Westlands Solar Farms, LLC, a California renewable energy company formed in 2009.  WSF completed its first project (23mw DC) in February 2014 and is working on its second project.

Alan is Chairman and co-founder of Materra, LLC, a California based agricultural production company.  Materra was formed in 2011 and is currently the owner and operator of 30,000 acres of farmland growing alfalfa, cannery tomatoes, pistachios, dates, guayule and guar. 

Alan is Chairman of Broadacre, a Saskatchewan farming company formed in 2010 which farms 65,000 acres in wheat, canola, mustard, chick peas, lentils and hemp.  Alan Boyce is co-founder and Director of Agrica Ltd, which developed and operates a 5,000 hectare rice farm in the Kilombero Valley in southern Tanzania.  Alan is co-founder and Director of Adecoagro (NYSE:AGRO), a food and renewable energy-producing company that owns and operates highly productive land throughout Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. Adecoagro owns 275,000 hectares of highly productive farmland, leases another 175,000 hectares and has 8,000 employees.  Alan is Founder and Vice-President of Boyce Land Co..  Boyce Land Co has acted as the General Partner in a series of US farmland limited partnerships since 1987, and owns and manages farmland in 6 US states with a concentration in Indiana and California.

Co-Founder and CEO

Westlands Solar Farms, LLC