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In conjunction with Bionema, BioAg World is pleased to host the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for a remarkable individual who has made big contributions to the BioAg Industry.


We're looking for someone with,

  1. An impressive biography

  2. Talent and steadfast contributions that have fundamentally advanced the BioAg industry 

  3. Accomplishments which have been acknowledged by professional colleagues internationally and within his or her community

  4. Work that has stood the test of time through perseverance, and dedication

  5. Innovative ability and credentials


Biopesticides, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers, and ICM/IPM are crucial tools needed for farmers across the globe. Europe is the largest market, followed by North America. Latin America is the fastest growing and Asia has huge untapped potential.

This congress is produced 'by the BioAg industry and for the BioAg industry' and unites continents, allows face-to-face networking to grow distribution networks and offers the latest technological advances within BioAg.


In the over-crowded market of Bio-Ag events, based on some candid feedback and research, GBAL decided to bring a "one-stop annual BioAg event", to bring all stakeholders together to address all the opportunities and challenges, see you soon.

Global trends and market forecasts to be shared – allowing you to spot gaps in the market and emerging trends for new opportunities.


Global insight into biopesticide and biostimulant regulation allowing you to navigate the regulatory landscape with ease.

BioAg hype vs. reality check: tips on how to improve adoption by the whole supply chain – helping you gain market share.

Boost revenue by integrating Biofertilizers, Biostimulants, and Biocontrol with traditional crop protection - learn effective ICM strategies.

The core focus is on Biopesticides and Biostimulants, creating a comprehensive BioAg event – top experts, valuable information exchanged at low ticket prices.

Regulation, innovation and commercial challenges and opportunities- guidance from EBIC, Marrone Bio Innovations, Tradecorp, Valagro and many more...

Expand your portfolio with blue ocean opportunities-emerging technologies in microbials, plant extracts and synergic products.

By the industry For the industry: one stop opportunity to bring industry together for exploring innovations, developing partnerships and networking with C-level executives 

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BioAg World is hosted by Global BioAg Linkages, in partnership with industry associations and international agri publications.

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